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>>By Faith and By Fire
Justin Timberlake in Deadwood. No law can make it respectable. [Chris/Justin]

>>Blind Spot
What's in yours? [Justin]

>>Show Me the Way to the Ocean (Here From There Get Remix)
Part of the [We Invented the Remix 2006] Challenge. Remix of [Show Me the Way to the Ocean] by joyfulseeker. [Chris/Justin]

>>The Earl of Rothinghamtonfordshire
They say everybody's got a novel in them. Including Nick Carter. Written for [Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2005]. [Chris/Nick]

>>Every Letter an Alphabet
Every letter an alphabet, every time the first time.
Written for the 2005 JuC Story Swap. [JC/Justin]

>>be you tonight
"And you're laughing out loud at the thought of being alive
And I was wondering, could I just be you tonight?"
Written for the [More Than You Think You Are Challenge]. [Justin/Trace]

>>Sand at the Water's Edge (Drowning Within Sight of the Shore Remix)
This is where Justin goes when he dreams. Written for the [We Invented the Remix 2005] Challenge. Remix of [Sand at the Water's Edge] by Northern. [Justin]

>>i deny honeymoon
A thousand words of Trace, the night before the wedding. Part of the [A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words] challenge, inspired by [this picture].

>>The World Behind
Justin can't leave the world behind. Written for Isilya for [Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2004]. [Chris/Justin]

>>Baby Sister
Look how they shine. Part of the [We All Float Down Here] challenge. [Jamie Lynn Spears]

>>Damn, Baby (Like Porcelain Remix)
Part of the [We Invented the Remix 2004] Challenge. Remix of [Damn, Baby] by jawamonkey. [Joey/Justin]

>>The Place Where We're Going
Sometimes you've got to break something open to find out what's inside. [Chris/Justin]

>>maybe (the ocean)
Drown in an ocean of love. [JC/Justin]

>>An address to the fourth grade class at Cascade Elementary School, Spokane, WA, filmed as part of Fox's 'Giant Leaps: Space Week 2004' (never aired)
Written for Lily in the [2003 Don We Now Our Gay Apparel] project. [Lance]

>>As Women Do
Mirror, mirror. [Britney]

You shouldn't be out here if you're not ready to get caught. [Justin]
Part of the [Definitive Wonder] challenge.

Written for Nyn, in the [Don We Now Our Gay Apparel] project. [Chris/JC]

There are a million things you and he don't talk about. [Nick/Britney]

>>A Little Uncomplicated Hymn
"I look for uncomplicated hymns
but love has none."

Part of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot challenge (Radio Cure).

Magic words. [Chris/Justin]
Part of Lise's Counting Crows challenge.

Lance has got all seven of 'em. [Lance/Justin]

>>Beauty Queen
Justin is Miss America. [Chris/Justin]

>>Spanish for Blue
Azul is the Spanish word for blue. [Chris/Justin]

>>The Secret Marriage
May you one day carry me home. [Chris/Justin]
Written for the Ryan Adams challenge. My song was Oh My Sweet Carolina.

>>Lost & Found (Pop) and Just Don't Tell Me That
Graciously hosted at pretty little whore machine as part of the Songfic Challenge.

>>The Last Place
AU. You can change anything but yourself. [Chris/JC]
Written for the Slash Across America challenge.

>>Reindeer Games
Chris won't let JC play. [JC]

Everything fades. [Ch/Ju]

>>not crying
Unrelated shorts. Five men, five conversations, one thing in common: someone's not crying.

happy [JC & Chris]
eskimo [Joey & JC]
transcendence [Chris & Justin]
better [Justin & Lance]
replay [Lance & Joey]

One + one + one. [Chris/Justin/JC]

Unrelated stories based on the album Nebraska. There will eventually be ten.

Nebraska [Ch/Ju]
You make sure my pretty baby's sittin' right there on my lap.
Atlantic City [JC/Joey]
Everything dies baby that's a fact.
Mansion on the Hill [Ju/JC]
Ever since I was a child I can remember that mansion on the hill.
Fault (Johnny 99) [La/Ju]
Now I ain't saying that makes me an innocent man.

Justin has a birthday. He doesn't remember much of it. [Justin/JC]

>>Stupid Girl
Britney is a stupid girl. [Britney]

>>A Sentimental Education
Justin learns. [Ch/Ju]

Justin has wings. With thanks to lesa, who started the trend here. [Ch/Ju]

>>Lance's Girlfriend
Lance is straight. No, really. No, REALLY. [Joey]

Pornolicious, baby. For Rosa. [AJ/Ju]

Joey loses sight of someone. [Jo/Ju]

>>Home Ec
Snapshot. [Ch/Ju]

>>Normal Life
Out of one dream and into another. [Ch/Ju]

>>Sleep and Wake
Companion sketches. JC and Justin. Night and morning.

Inspired by Dale, this follows one of fanfic's time-honored traditions: sleeping with someone on a bet. Or lots of someones. Here will be found contrived plot twists, happy endings, and 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys. God help us all.
Part 1: The Bet
Part 2: Lance: Cheat
Part 3: JC: Lesson
Part 4: Joey: Straight
Part 5: Justin: Serious
Interlude. Lance: Prosper
Part 6: Chris: No
Part 7: The Prize
Epilogue. Lance: Never

Justin is lost, and found. [Ch/Ju]

Nick catches a glimpse of life through the lookingglass. [Nick]

>>Sleeping Beauty
This is a response to Wax's Autumn Songfic Challenge. JC wakes up. [JC/Ju]

Sex. Violence. And not in the fun way. [Ch/Ju]

I can't believe I called it that either. But it works. What are you gonna do? [Joey/Ju]

Justin fails. [Ju/La]

Timbertrick. Pornography. Oh God. [Ch/Ju]

Unrelated shorts on a common theme. There will be one from each point of view.

Movie [JC]
Window [Joey]
Help [Chris]
Ghost [Lance]
Fly [Justin]

JC changes. Lance does too. [JC/La]

>>Oddly Comforting
One of those days, man. [Ch/Ju]

>>Back of a Car
A little banter, and a little sex in the back of a car. [Ch/Ju]

Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. [Ch/Ju]

Joey thinks about silence. [Jo/La]

>>Biker Bar
A biker bar. A waitress. A conversation in a parking lot. [Ch/Ju]

Justin's got a smile. And a secret. Oh, and a sarong. [Ch/Ju]

>>Most of the Time
Chris is happy. Most of the time. [Ch/Ju]

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