media fic by jae

disclaimer: not mine. not true.


Bourne Identity movies

>>Certain Dark Things
Marie loves a man who kills. Written for the [Yuletide 2004] Challenge. [Jason/Marie]

Cold Mountain

>>crowned with harvest
Ruby won't let Ada stay cold. Written for the [femslash06 challenge]. [Ruby/Ada]


>>By Faith and By Fire
A Deadwood/pop crossover. Justin Timberlake in Deadwood. No law can make it respectable. [Chris/Justin]

This night a child is born. Written for the [Yuletide 2005] Challenge. [Seth and Sol]

>>The Widow Garrett's Wedding Night
Jane's never been one for the soft sugar girls. Written for the Free Verse Challenge. [Jane/Joanie]

Garden State

>>The Weather Report
The first time Mark sleeps with Sam, it's raining. [Mark]

Gilmore Girls

>>Sitting By the Roadside (Ghosts Riding Shotgun Remix)
Written for the [We Invented the Remix ... Redux IV] Challenge. Remix of [Sitting by the Roadside] by Keren Ziv. [Emily and Rory]

>>Three Letters Emily Gilmore Never Sent
You just need to write it down for yourself. Written for the Female Gen Characters Ficathon. [Emily]

Luke gets his Dr. Phil on. Written for for 's Gilmore Girls Ficathon. [Luke and Paris]

>>Boston Marriage
Paris would like to make a proposal. [Rory/Paris]

Gilmore Girls/The O.C.

Rory gets homesick. [Rory/Ryan]

Harry Potter

You can't trust in dreams. [Remus/Sirius]

Panic! at the Disco

>>I Will Destroy Ryan Ross and All That He Loves: A Cautionary Tale
William Beckett vs. Ryan Ross. This is Thunderdome, dollface. [The Academy Is/Panic! at the Disco]

>>It Sounds Different When You Say It
Four times Spencer Smith said yes. [Spencer Smith]

>>the first of all pleasures
Ryan said, "Starting today, I'm gonna start lying --"
"Start?" Brendon said.
[Ryan Ross/Jon Walker]

>>The Job
Jon has a job, and he tries really hard to do it. [Jon Walker]

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