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Q-sense ’verse

Certain warnings to heed:

I write. I do canonfic, AU, extreme AU and many, many crossovers. It's been repeatedly said to me that I am a romantic, and I suppose that that's true. But in this case, my idea of romantic does not include roses or deep goth angst. Give me bitter gallows humor, smiles of fractured irony and a bigass gun (or sword) anyday over that.

I love humanity for its flaws and for its perfections, for its good and evil, for its limitless capacity to go all ways and see only one. Knowing that, I take the malice with the benevolence. And I write that. Therefore, fics here probably contain some kind of the following:

1. Swearing in English, French and Chinese.
2. Irreligious attitudes and references: I am fairly well-informed on many religions, and I may use this knowledge in ways that you quite possibly could find extremely blasphemous and offensive.
3. NC-17 content, m/m, f/f, polyamory, dark themes, and other really nasty stuff.
4. Good grammar and spelling.
5. Not exactly fic-related, but if you want to return to this page, click on the hat. Just so you know.

Also, I am not the characters. What they say is what they say, and not necessarily what I say. In addition, I don't include drabbles/ficlets added as updates, so don't be surprised if they randomly pop up as you're browsing.
That said, knock yourselves out.

Updates to the site:

10 Oct, 2007: Updated Q-sense 'verse, Album Five in Hitverse, and The Book of the Green Field in Soccerslash; also added The Footballer's Guide to the Apocalypse in Soccerslash.
30 Aug, 2007: Added the new series The Book of the Green Field to Soccerslash and updated Hitverse with half of Album Five.
8 Aug, 2007: Added TDII: Sam and Dean to BDS and Shooting the Moon to Ocean's Eleven.
5 July, 2007: Added three Smokin' Aces stories to Misc.
7 June, 2007: Added the rest of Album IV in Hitverse.
24 May, 2007: Updated Soccerslash with Ash Wednesday, Que Sera Sera, Mano a Mano and Transference.
30 Apr, 2007: Updated Hitverse with half of Album IV: Division and some fanart, and Q-sense 'verse with two stories.
7 Apr, 2007: Added Slip [The Prestige] to Misc., Les Ombres to Soccerslash and wrapped up Album III: Nothing Sacred in Hitverse.
21 Mar, 2007: Added Testing the Stream State to Q-sense 'verse and added five stories to Hitverse.
26 Feb, 2007: Added one story to Hit-verse, the end of Theory-verse and Proper Usage of a Handle to Soccerslash.
11 Feb, 2007: Added five stories to Hit-verse and Vévé to PotC2.
21 Jan, 2007: Added Background to SPN (RPS), Blackjack [Casino Royale/Croupier] to Bond and How to Score the Arsenal Way to Soccerslash.