Tangible Schizophrenia


Soccerslash (Footballer Fic)

Yes, I know, football, but I'm American and I live in the middle of American football country, so I've got to use 'soccer' to keep things straight for me. Anyway, it was the 2006 World Cup and I happened to start reading some sports-blogs online. Then I watched a few games. And then my football-fanatic friends shamelessly pointed out even more man-porn and friendly on-the-pitch groping, and that was that. Mmmm...
Disclaimer: The following contains Real Person Slash (RPS) and is completely fictional. Untrue. Made-up. Making no claims to the truth of the matter whatsoever.


Ash Wednesday - Andriy Shevchenko/Josť Mourinho. R.
Better than Champagne - Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski/Philipp Lahm. NC-17.
Bumps in the Night - Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski. R.
Close-up - Timo Hildebrand/Philipp Lahm, Michael Ballack/Torsten Frings, implied Bastian/Lukas/Christoph Metzelder. NC-17.
Copy-cat - The German national team of 2006. Gen humor. PG.
Drabbles - Misc. pairings and ratings.
Drift - Schweinsteiger/Podolski. R.
Emergency Situation - Timo Hildebrand/Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski. R.
The Footballer's Guide to the Apocalypse - Implied Philippe Senderos/Jens Lehmann. PG-13.
The German Connection - Lehmann/Senderos, Ballack/various Arsenal players. PG-13.
Hit - Lots of pairings. Record label AU. NC-17.
How to Score the Arsenal Way - Senderos/Lehmann, Senderos/Lehmann/Drogba, other Arsenal pairings. R. Sequel to The German Connection.
Les Ombres - Thierry Henry/Robert Pirès;s, Henry/David Trézéguet. PG.
Mano a Mano - Deco/Cristiano Ronaldo/Mourinho. AU. Sequel to Que Sera Sera. NC-17.
Midnight Screening - Thierry Henry/Jens Lehmann. R.
Modern Hoodoo - Michael Ballack/Jensen Ackles, Jens Lehmann/Bastian Schweinsteiger/Lukas Podolski. Crossover with Supernatural RPS. NC-17.
Musical Rooms - Lahm/Hildebrand, Schweinsteiger/Podolski, Ballack/Frings. R.
Pasture - Ruud van Nistelrooy/David Beckham, implied Ruud/David/Victoria Beckham. PG-13.
Proper Usage of a Handle - Cesc Fàbregas/Philippe Senderos, Jens Lehmann/Senderos, Lehmann/Freddie Ljungberg. R.
Que Sera Sera - Deco/Cristiano Ronaldo/Mourinho. AU. NC-17.
Riding the Bus - Cesc Fàbregas/Philippe Senderos. R.
The Book of the Green Field - Lots of pairings. Historical AU. NC-17.
Transference - Deco/Josť Mourinho. R.
Translation - Thierry Henry/Robert Pirès. R.