Tangible Schizophrenia



AU. It's the music industry. It's hot, it moves at warp-speed and it takes in talent and beauty and it chews it up. It's got footballers from all over the place working at FC and MU Records, two competing labels, and they're having fun and taking wild chances and mixing it up all over the place. It's the trashiest, most name-dropping soap opera of a series I've ever written. Ongoing series, though each 'album' is fairly episodic as a whole.

Disclaimer: The following contains Real Person Slash (RPS) and is completely fictional. Untrue. Made-up. Making no claims to the truth of the matter whatsoever. Aside from drawing inspiration from news stories in a general fashion, any resemblance to an actual record label is utterly accidental.


Hit - NC-17.
Album I: Addicted to Love - NC-17.
Album II: Restless - NC-17.
Album III: Nothing Sacred - NC-17.
Album IV: Division - NC-17.
Album V: Living with Yourself - NC-17.


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