Tangible Schizophrenia



Everything's gone to shit again? Let me light up, first. Oh, and fuck you. Conman and magician are separated by the thinnest of lines, as John Constantine gleefully shows us again and again. Fic is based on the 2005 movie, but heavily influenced by the original comics as well.


The Apostate - John/Balthazar, John/Lucifer, John/Balthazar/Lucifer. Extreme non-con, violence. AU. NC-17.
Boulevard of Miracles - Some John/Balthazar. R.
Brand - John/Midnite. Bondage. NC-17.
Candle at the Window - John/Midnite. PG-13.
TDII: Constantine and Balthazar - John/Balthazar. Crossover with Boondock Saints. PG-13.
Equilibrium - John/Midnite, John/Balthazar. NC-17.
Genealogy - John/Midnite, John/Balthazar. R.
Halo - Crossover with Boondock Saints. John/Connor/Murphy. NC-17.
How to Plan a Funeral - John/Balthazar. Mpreg and satire. R.
Ignis Fatuus - John/Balthazar. NC-17.
Illuminated - John/Balthazar. Sequel to The Pilgrim's Progress. NC-17.
Les Invisibles - John/Midnite. NC-17.
Officemate - John/Balthazar. AU. R.
The Pilgrim's Progress - John/Balthazar, some John/Angela. Rough sex, character death. NC-17.
Sanguinity - John/Balthazar, John/Midnite, John/Balthazar/Midnite. NC-17.
Thawing Hell - John/Balthazar. References The Sandman and Lucifer. R.


Alliance - John/Dwight, John/Balthazar, John/Dwight/Balthazar. NC-17.
Bad Company - John/Gabe, John/Midnite. NC-17.
Deal - John/Balthazar, some John/Lucifer and John/Midnite. Torture, noncon and rape. NC-17.
The Divine Comedy - John/Balthazar, John/Lucifer. Graphic torture. NC-17.
Extras - RPS. Primarily Keanu/Gavin. NC-17.
Grave Measures - John/Van Helsing/Balthazar. Crossover with Van Helsing. NC-17.
Snap - John/Balthazar. Crossover with The Ninth Gate. Genderswitching. NC-17.