Tangible Schizophrenia



The fandom that started me writing fanfic. Robert Rodriguez and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, though I occasionally nod towards El Mariachi and Desperado as well. Carolina is The Woman for El, but Sands is the laughing shadow that thrives in the deadlands of El's Mexico.


After the Curtain Fell - Sands/El, Sands/El/Carolina, ref. to El/Domino. PG-13.
Ascetic - El/Sands/Fideo/Lorenzo. NC-17.
Changing of the Guard - Sands/El. NC-17. BDSM.
Chitchat - Sands/El, John/Jane. PG. Mr. and Mrs. Smith crossover.
Cookery - Sands/El. PG.
Da Capo - Sands/El. PG-13.
Daylight - Sands/Ajedrez, Sands/El. PG-13.
The Diddler - El/Sands. R.
Falling Into the Sun - Sort of Sands/15ish Chiclet, Sands/El. PG-13.
Five Things That Never Happened to El - El/Carolina, and if you squint and pray, Sands/El. R.
Flor de Mal - Sands/18ish Chicle. PG.
Full Clip - Sands/El/Vincent. Collateral crossover. NC-17.
Hecate's Crossroads - Sands/El. R.
In a Dark Wood Wandering - El/Sands, ref. to El/Carolina. R.
Integral - El/Sands/Vincent. NC-17. BDSM. Collateral crossover.
The Mariachi's New Clothes - Sands/El. PG-13.
Me and the Devil - Sands/think about it. Reference to Sands/Ajedrez. R.
Midnight Mass - Sands/El. R to NC-17ish. BDSM.
Nine Days on the Tree - Kill Bill, Troy crossover. PG-13.
November First - Sands/El, implied El/Carolina. R.
Only the Good Die Young - Smecker/Sands. Boondock Saints crossover. R.
Ride - Sands/El/Vincent. NC-17. BDSM. Collateral crossover.
Rio - Sands/El. R.
The Proverbial - Sands/El. R.
Thrice Risen - Sands/El/Carolina. NC-17. Character death.
Tijuana Week. Smecker/Fideo. Crossover with BDS. R.


Archetype - Sands/El. NC-17.
Chemistry - Sands/El/Lorenzo etc. NC-17.
The City - multi-pairing, multi-fandom crossover 'verse.
Divinity - Sands/El, some Lorenzo/Fideo, others. Crossover with Boondock Saints. NC-17.
Drabbles - They're small and there's lots of them.
Fairytale - supernatural PotC crossover.
FDTD - From Dusk Till Dawn crossover 'verse.
Fractal - Implied Sands/El, Sands/Ajedrez. R.
Gatekeeper - ‘Mexico’/From Hell/The Ninth Gate/Van Helsing crossover.
Party - Sands/El, Lorenzo/Fideo. NC-17.
Restraint - Sands/El. NC-17. Nasty uncute sex.
Shapes - Sands/El, Fideo/Ramirez. NC-17. BDSM.
The Mexico - Sands/El et al. NC-17. Matrix crossover.
Trio - Sands/El/Carolina. NC-17. AU.
Vengeance - Sands/El/Ajedrez. NC-17. AU.