Tangible Schizophrenia


Bond. James Bond.

James Bond is strictly het to me--except when Alec Trevelyan, played by the lovely purring-snarky Sean Bean, is onscreen. Then I'm all about the doomed slashiness. This fandom's heavy on the angst.

Note: All stories based on Pierce Brosnan's Bond unless otherwise marked.


After the Party - Alec/James. R.
Blackjack - Jack Manfred/James [Casino Royale]. Crossover with Croupier. R.
Doing the Double - Le Chiffre/James [Casino Royale 2006]. R.
Evolution - Alec/James. PG-13.
Graduation - Alec/James. R.
Inflight - Alec/James. PG.
Iron Harvest - Alec/James. PG-13.
Muspelheim - Mexico crossover. Restraint-verse.
Retrospect - Grégoire de Fronsac/Jean-François de Morangias, Alec/James. PG. Brotherhood of the Wolf crossover.
Starlight - Alec/James. PG-13.


Chain - series of James/Alec vignettes.
Drabbles - Short fiction.
Familial Bonds - multi-fandom crossover AU 'verse.
Tarot - Alec/James. NC-17. AU. Some non-con.