Tangible Schizophrenia



Modern-day AU, set mainly in Miami but also encompassing the entire Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The PotC characters are intelligence operatives in MI6 and the CIA, but that's really an excuse to explore some of the most complicated relationships I've ever written. Heavy on the polyamory, mainly light in tone but capable of tackling some nasty subjects. Guest stars from the fandoms of Master and Commander [movieverse], Horatio Hornblower [movieverse], Sharpe [movieverse], and Goldeneye. Series is completed.


Game - NC-17.
Fuck Will into Shopping Submission - Collection of related drabbles. PG to PG-13.
Interlude I - PG to NC-17.
Sleuth - PG-13 to NC-17.
Interlude II - PG to NC-17. Ref to Goldeneye.
Familial Bonds - NC-17. Master and Commander [movie] and Goldeneye crossover.
Arrivals - NC-17. Master and Commander [movie], Horatio Hornblower [movies] and Sharpe [movies] crossover.
Interlude III - PG to NC-17.
Transition - PG-13 to NC-17.
Finish - NC-17.
Party - Two to five years later. Sands/El, Lorenzo/Fideo. NC-17. Mexico crossover.