Tangible Schizophrenia



Two brothers tooling around the backroads of America, checking out ghosts and angsting and squabbling. Add frequent gaping plotholes to the great characterization and it's my kind of fandom.


12-Step Program - Dean/car. Could qualify as RPAS. PG-13.
Bond Redemption - John/Ellen. R.
The Density of Blood - Implied John/Ellen, some slight Jo/Dean. R.
TDII: Sam and Dean - Crossover with Boondock Saints. PG-13.
False Belly - John/Mary, Mary/Demon. Semi non-con. R.
Five Jobs That Never Got Finished - Gen, disturbing imagery. R.
Friend of the Devil - Sam/Jake. Crossover with Devour, prequel to Hell in a Bucket. NC-17.
Graveyard Shift - Dean gen. Crossover with Sin City. PG-13.
Hell in a Bucket - Sam/Jake. Crossover with Devour, sequel to Friend of the Devil. D/s issues. NC-17.
“Martin Pinol” - Gen John. PG-13.
Night of the Zombie PC - Gen. PG.
Picket Man - Gen. G.
Shed - Sam/OFC. NC-17.
Unconventional Warfare - Gen humor. PG.


Demons - Dean/John, John/Balthazar. Crossover with Constantine. NC-17.
Edge - Sam/Dean, Sam/Luther, Dean/Luther. Incest. AU. NC-17.
The Fed - Dean/Smecker. Crossover with Boondock Saints. AU. R.
Ghost Line - Dean/Tifa, Sam/Zack. Crossover with Advent Children. R.
Modern Hoodoo - Jensen/Michael Ballack, unrequited Jensen/Jared. RPS. Soccerslash. NC-17.
Misc. RPS
The Other Woman - Gen. PG-13.