Tangible Schizophrenia



Colors bleed into stories, and stories into people. Greatness cuts as sharply as a sword and is as evanescent as the touch of silk gauze, and wherein the truth lies is for everyone to determine for himself.


All Under Heaven - Sky/Nameless. R.
The Art of War - Flying Snow/Moon, Broken Sword/Nameless/Sky. AU. PG-13.
Cut - Flying Snow/Broken Sword, Flying Snow/Sky. PG.
Devotion - Nameless/Sky. PG.
Drabbles - Various pairings. PG to R.
Five Ways That the Moon Didn't Rise - Broken Sword/Flying Snow, Broken Sword/Moon, Sky/Flying Snow, Nameless/Sky. R.
Microcosm - Broken Sword/Flying Snow. PG-13.
Rectification of Names - Nameless/Sky. PG-13.
Wei Chi - Broken Sword/Sky. PG.