Tangible Schizophrenia



Possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen. Violence, irreverent humor, and a deep, subtle meditation on morality and justice and humanity. The one fandom where I dig the incest (which is generally a squick of mine). And Agent Smecker's cynical, tired, complex snark has me in the gut.


Addiction - Implied Smecker/Greenly, Smecker/twins. G.
All Saints' Day - Smecker/Greenly. PG-13. Sequel to Hallow.
And The Holy Ghost - Dean/Smecker, implied Smecker/Greenly. Crossover with Supernatural. PG-13
Breakdown - Implied Smecker/Connor and Smecker/Murphy, implied Connor/Murphy. PG-13.
Caffeinated Tao - Smecker/Greenly. Rish.
Caffeine Run - Smecker/Greenly preslash. PG-13.
Clean Hands - Smecker/Connor, Connor/Murphy. NC-17. Character death.
Communion - Smecker/Connor/Murphy. PG-13.
Conversion - Smecker and Connor gen. PG-13.
Death Is Our Heritage - Smecker/Murphy, Connor/Murphy. NC-17.
The Devil on the Flop - Smecker gen. Smokin' Aces crossover. Character death. R.
Discourse on the Method - Smecker. Gen. PG-13.
Drabbles - short stuff.
Fate - Smecker. Gen. PG-13.
Grief - Smecker/Greenly, implied Smecker/twins. Characters dead before fic starts. R.
Hallow - Smecker/Greenly. R.
Highly Commended - Gen. The Chief pov. PG-13.
Humbug - Smecker/Greenly. PG-13.
The House of Mercury - Connor/Murphy. R.
In the Hole - Smecker gen. Smokin' Aces crossover. PG.
Justification - Smecker gen. PG.
Literati - Implied Connor/Smecker, implied Connor/Murphy. PG-13. Implied incest.
Melancholia - Smecker/Greenly. PG-13.
Mens Rea - sequel to Miserere. Smecker/Greenly, implied Smecker/twins. R.
Midnight Java - Smecker/Connor. R.
Mimesis - Smecker/Greenly. Crossdressing and genderfuck. NC-17.
Misc Patent Applications - Connor/Murphy, Smecker/Greenly. PG-13. Kink hints. Incest.
Miserere - Smecker/Connor, Smecker/Murphy. R.
Modern Romance - Smecker/Frank White, Smecker/Greenly. Crossover with King of New York. PG-13.
The Old Man and the Gun - Connor/Murphy. PG-13.
Only the Good Die Young - Smecker/Sands. R.
Our Father - Connor pov. Gen. Character death, AU. R
Psalm - Gen. Smecker pov. PG.
Q-sense - Smecker/Kadaj. Crossover with Advent Children, AU. PG-13.
Recovery - Smecker/Greenly. NC-17.
Red Line - Smecker/Greenly. NC-17.
Sin-Eater - Smecker/Greenly. AU. PG-13.
Spring Chicken - Smecker/various. R.
Stand Witness - Dean/Smecker, implied Smecker/Greenly. Crossover with Supernatural. R.
Throttle - Smecker. Gen. PG-13.
Tijuana Week - Smecker/Connor, Smecker/Fideo. Crossover with 'Mexico'. R.
Toll of Time - Smecker/Greenly. R.
Under the Arch - Smecker/Greenly. PG-13. Character death mentioned.
Underground - Smecker, Connor/Murphy. PG-13.
Valley of the Shadow - Smecker/Greenly. NC-17.
Verdict - Smecker/Connor/Murphy. R.
Wardrobe - Connor/Murphy, Coat/boots. NC-17. RPAS.


The Bar - multi-fandom, multi-pairing crossover 'verse.
Divinity - Smecker/Greenly, Connor/Murphy, other pairings. Crossover with Once Upon a Time in Mexico. NC-17.
The Doctor Is In - Smecker/Greenly, pairings from other fandoms. Multi-crossover. PG-13.