Tangible Schizophrenia


Q-Sense 'verse

Cyberpunk AU, with the main fandom being Advent Children. The world is one big city, where the poor scramble to survive amid rampant pollution and escaped mutants, and the rich use implants to extend and enhance their lives. For a long time, the House of Shinra has dominated the city, but it's recently taken heavy blows and its rivals are circling. Series is technically ongoing, but each internal series is a self-contained episode.
Fandoms: Advent Children, Supernatural, Constantine, Boondock Saints, Matrix Trilogy.


Saturday Night Special - Sephiroth/Vincent. NC-17.
How to Survive a Coup - Smecker/Kadaj, implied Vincent/Sephiroth and Vincent/Rufus. PG-13.
Ghost Line - Dean/Tifa, Sam/Zack. R.
Feedback Control - Rufus/Reno, implied Vincent/Rufus and Vincent/Sephiroth. PG-13.
The Architecture of Networks - Rufus/Reno, Vincent/Sephiroth, implied Rufus/Vincent and Smecker/Kadaj. NC-17.
The Assassination Game - Rufus/Reno, unrequited Rufus/Tseng, Zack/Aeris, vague Cloud/Tifa. PG-13.
Universality Principle - Tseng/Neo, some Tseng/Rufus and mentioned Reno/Rufus. PG-13.
Spark of Life - Tseng/Neo, one-sided Tseng/Elena and implied Rufus/Reno. R.
Gibson's Grand Guignol - Vincent/Sephiroth, implied Elena/Tseng and Rufus/Reno. NC-17.
Sibling Inheritance - Zack/Aeris, Zack/Cloud, Vincent/Sephiroth, Kadaj/Smecker. PG-13.
Do Electric Sheep Need a Shepherd? - Rufus/Reno, Tseng/Neo, implied Vincent/Sephiroth. NC-17.
Quantum Tunneling - Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent, implied Cloud/Tifa. PG-13.
Testing the Stream State - Smecker/Kadaj, Vincent/Sephiroth, implied Tseng/Neo. PG-13.
Run-Time Error - Rufus/Reno, Sephiroth/Vincent, Kadaj/Smecker, Thomas(Neo)/Tseng. NC-17.
Assert Function - Vincent/Sephiroth, implied Smecker/Kadaj. PG-13.
Overwriting the System - Kadaj/Paul Smecker, Sephiroth/Vincent. PG-13.


Pinocchio Simulation - Smecker/Kadaj. PG-13.
Pet Psychology - Rufus/Reno, Reeve gen. PG.
Walking Wounded - Sephiroth and Zack gen. PG.
Undefined Command Error - Rufus/Reno. PG-13.
Failed Override - Cloud/Zack, Cloud/Tifa. G.