They don't actually photograph all that well, with the notable exception of Justin. It's surprisingly difficult to track down non-dorky and flattering pictures of them. This is just a teeny-tiny gallery of the pics that I use to get in the mood to *ahem* write. Most of these have been swiped shamelessly from Allen Sama's gallery , which is very cool and extremely complete (and largely tag-free!). If you see a pic here and it's yours and you want me to yank it, let me know, and I'll take care of it right away.

All pages but the Joeypage are temporarily down for maintenance. Sorry 'bout that.

I like it when they're all together. It gives me fun slashy thoughts. Plus, Joey always looks better in the group, for some reason.

Lo-la. Lo-lee-ta. Oh yeah, I've got Infant issues. Just. So. Pretty.

In honor of Joeymonth (March, for those of you following along at home), I give you the Page Of Joeylove. Probably the only one that works, at this point.

My beloved elf. I can't imagine any pictures doing him justice, but these ones probably come closest.

It took me a long time to find enough non-spazzy pictures of this boy to make a page. But here they are.

Coming soon

Slashy pics
If they're going to behave like this in public, I refuse to feel bad for writing slash about them.