Again, this is slash, which means there will be boy on boy stuff. Don't read, if you're not cool with it or if you're not of legal age in your jurisdiction.

Overheard - Voyeurism of the loveliest kind. JC/Lance, kinda.

Liar - Semi-standalone vignettes, about why Lance is the biggest liar, as seen on Leno.

The Emmy Sue Adventures - Mary Sue fic on crack.

Slide - Believe it or not, this started out with a funny, fluffy FuLa plot. Somewhere it turned into JC/Chris PWP. I had a visit from the porn fairies.

Cliche - Series. Messing with cliches.

Last Call - mprov, Timbertrick.

Princess - Fluff on crack, inspired by the VMA's and an almost palpable need to lick JC.

Falling Apart - Response to Wax's challenge, incorporates three lines from a puppy song.

Misunderstood - Inspired by Em's birthday challenge. JoLa, with like, the misunderstandings and stuff.

Hate - Snippety Lance character studyish thing.

Love - Snippety JC character studyish thing.

Escape - JC mprov for the fair Cecilia. JC and Lance break out of their hotel room.

Dormant - Chris is full of anger! Lance can calm him!

Sense Memory - JC/Lance. An experiment in fic structuring.

Halloween - JC/Chris - Chris likes horror movies.

Clique - Mprov for the lovely Melvira, warning for pot use. JC/Chris

Understand - Jodi's birthday fic. Smut alert, JC/Lance

Comprehension - Justin/Chris. Sequel to Understand, wherein Justin makes peace with his knowledge of JC and Lance.

Laptop - Puppies finding Puppyslash, JC/Chris

Toys in Boyland - JC/Chris, otherwise fondly known as sextoys!sync.

Words - Sorta GSF without much of the S. mild angst.

Hell - Chris/Justin PWP

Scenes from a Could've Been - Series of stand alone vignettes, chronicling missed chances, lost opportunities. Thanks to Rrrosa for graphics.

Truth or Truth - JuC adventures in paradise, my answer to the Christmas Secret Slasher thing.

Shower - JC cleans Chris. That's pretty much it.

That Simple - co written with Rhys. After the PCA's.

Like This - JC/Lance.

Anticipation - Lance/Chris, because calculating Lance is fun. Smut warning.

Machine - Chris character studyish thing.

Valentine's Day - JC/Lance

Memory - JuC

Bedtime Stories - twenty drabbles, inspired by books and nursery rhymes

Necessity - Lamblove smut

Home - JC/Lance. Fluff.

Black - Choey, mprov

In the End - drabble series

Fun with Puppies - Not fic per se. But I think it's funny, and it should be a fic! Calico calls it "sick and delightful". What more of a recommendation do you need?

Hosted Fic

Where Jodi, Fraulein, Clueless, Jen, Trixie, Giddy, Kim, Shine and Nynaeve live.