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Objection - PG - Justin/Lance - Justin has concerns about Lance's plans to become the first boybander in space.

Grow Into It - G - Justin - In response to Dacey's challenge, Justin turns 21.

Nighttime - PG - JCish GSF - Musings on various sleeping habits. The first section was LJ-published as "Weight".

Gothland - PG to NC17 - M/M, M/F - Goth!Sync AU. Come, look at the pretty boys in eyeliner and the pretty girls in corsets.

Corset - R - JC/Lance - I have a fondness for corsets...corsets on JC. I think Lance might have the same fondness.

Walk the Walk - PG - Chris/Lance - The result of a rabid, angsty plot bunny that bit me back in February and just wouldn't let go.

Touch - PG - Chris/JC...ish. - A complete puffball piece, inspired by happy thoughts of the boys touching.

Mprov 6 - Slow On The Uptake - R - Chris/Lance - Chris always catches on...eventually.

Sexual Chemistry by Elina, Shine, Ang, and Emmy - NC17 - RPG GSF - Again with the co-writing! This could be habit forming, yo. This time we each took a character and did naughty, naughty things with them. The best part? It was completely spontaneous.

Bottom of the Fifth by Nemoinis, Lesa Soja, Schuyler, and Elina - NC17 - GSF - So, the four of us, we got to chatting. And we got to ficcing. And to AU-ing. This assault on America's National Pasttime is the result.

For The Longest Time - G - JC/Joey - A ficlet devoted to the idea that, as a songwriter himself, JC would doubtlessly have a running soundtrack for each of his bandmates.

Baby I Would Take Good Care Of You - PG - JC/Chris - Dedicated to Missi for her birthday, as well as to JC for his. Written in response to Missi's Birthday Fic Challenge, although it fails miserably on the grounds that it starts out all wrong, and never really gets into the groove she was envisioning. But whatever. Here it is, in all its unbetaed glory.

Clandestine - R - JC/Lance - Sometimes the things that happen in secret are the best.

Shift - PG - JC/Lance - Lance ponders the boys in the band, including himself.

Three More - PG - Set just pre-Inevitable!Breakup, Chris consoles himself with the thought that he only has three more shows to get through before he's a free man. Not a happy piece.

Just Bad - NC-17 for Idiocy - Everybody's got to be bad at something, right?

Perfection - R - Chris/Joey/OC - Okay, let's be clear about this: this is a Mary Sue. Shameless, gratuitous self-indulgence to the nth degree. But if you want to, you can probably change all the pronouns and a few small details and make it about Lance, I guess. If you really feel the need to.

Triad - R - Joey/Lance/JC - So, there was this time when Lance and Joey were, like, inseparable. But now Lance and JC are that way. Wouldn't that tend to make Joey feel a little left out? This is schmoopier than I meant it to be, folks.

The Hustlerverse - NC17 - updated May 9 - Once upon a time there was a pimp named Chasez. He employed three lovely young men and one burly security guard in his House of Whores. These...are their stories. More or less.

Mprov 5 - Passing Notes - PG13 - JC/Who the hell knows? - JC and Lance engage in some childish behavior, and the author's intended pairings go swerving wildly out of control.

JC's Journal - PG - JC/Lance - Come on, you know JC keeps a journal where he waxes all philosophical and heartbroken about Lance from time to time.

Mprov 4 - Standard Issue - PG - Chris/JC - Squick warnings: JC smokes. Okay, so maybe that's a squick button for only me. But he smokes a lot in this story, dude. Anyway. Hopefully this story is short and not sweet, with a nasty little sucker punch at the end.

All Purpose Cheer - PG - Chris/Joey - Joey finds out the ultimate pick-me-up gift for a blue Chris. Pure fluff, baby. Puuuure fluff.

Mprov 3 - Sunset - NC17 (woo hoo!) - Justin/Lance - Okay, I don't know what it is with me and LambLove. I don't like it, yo. Only...when Fluttergirl said "nail file," this endire damn thing popped into my head. Dang. (Oh, and this must take place in an alternate universe where Lance does not get his nails manicured like, every five minutes.)

Mprov 2 - Peaches Cherry Nirvaaaaana! - PG - Chris/Joey - (Title courtesy of Rrrosa) And the Mprov demon has struck again. Two Mprovs in two nights...I must be crazy. Anyway, this one doesn't work quite as well as the first one, but it's short, so that's a blessing. And I pretty much stole the idea directly from Synchronik's Run Through, so go read that, like, now. Because it's, you know, way better.

Mprov 1 - I'm the King of the World! - PG - Justin/Lance - Mprovs are written in real time on mIRC, with no opportunity for revision and with people standing around cyber-tapping their cyber-toes while they wait for you to post. In other words, it's intense. As if that wasn't enough fun, everyone submits words to be included in this spontaneous fic. And yes, it's really freakin' hard for a compulsive self-editor like me. This was my first Mprov. I think it turned out rather well, considering the fact that I was shaking in my boots at the time. Oh, and in true Mprov spirit, I have refrained from making any changes while formatting for this page, so what they saw is what you get.

Lance - The Clothes Make the Man - G - Lance/JC - I'm thinking of starting a series of these: short character snapshots with no pretense at plot. Mostly because character analysis is my favorite thing in the world, but also, yeah, because I'm lazy.

Late Night - PG - Joey/Chris - It's hard work being a pop star. Especially when your pop-star boyfriend is waiting upstairs for you.

Yum - PG13 - Justin/Chris - Young Justy gets a taste of something he likes.

Unsentimental - PG (lang)- Joey/Lance - I got bitter at Lance for reasons unknown, and this context-less snippet is the result. A series of notes makes it clear how Joey feels. Unbeta'd, but spell-checked at least.

Kinder, Gentler - PG (lang) - JC/Eminem stupidity - A completely pointless, worthless snippet inspired by the "softening" of Eminem for the 2001 Grammys, a spectacle which made me snarky.

"Kinder, Gentler" seems to have disappeared in the great site move of '01. Dammit.

UPDATE! "Kinder, Gentler" has been found! Whee!

Zoom - R - Lance/Chris - One of these days I'm going to write happy-fic again. I promise. However, today is not that day. Non-sexual OCs, character death, a little gore, a lot of cynicism.

Fly Away - NC17 - Lance/Chris - This is what happens when I play with Wax too much. More darkness, this time of the non-con variety. Lance-angst, Chris-angst, rape. Avoid if any of the foregoing makes you want to throw up. It makes me want to, and I wrote the damn thing.

Fine - R - Erm. I don’t know how this happened. Chris angst, post-NSync setting, a bleak future. Schmoop Queens should not be allowed to write this sort of thing. Caused by and dedicated to Wax Jism.

Sleep, Interrupted - PG - Chris/Joey - My first completed fic, and I think it shows. A fluffy vignette in the style of Helen and Synchronik. Inspired by a picture of Joey with a visible contact lens line that instantly made me think, ‘Hm, wonder what he looks like in his glasses?’ Right there in Wal-Mart, a fic writer was born.

I looked for pictures of Joey to answer this question, and I wasn't really satisfied with what I found, but here's what I turned up.

And here's a bonus picture of Chris in those black wire-frames, confirming that he is the cutest mo-fo on the planet.

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