Bio, or "How Boring Am I?"

The boys in my bathroom. Really. I promise.
The boys in my bathroom. Really. I promise.

I'm pretty damn boring, actually.

Age: Old enough to know better.

Education: In progress. Currently, enough to get myself in trouble, not enough to get a well-paid job I actually like. And did I mention that I hate my Algebra prof? Because I do.

Occupation: Secretarial hell, although it's not too bad because I get to write for hours on end, which helps fuel this page, so it's all good, right?

Desired Occupation: Singer, writer, editor, object of Chris' lust. Something fun, you know.

The juicy stuff

Marital Status: One husband (Fang), no girlfriends currently (boo!).

Location: The South, which I feel gives me license to pick on/lurve Lance and Justin, depending on my mood.

Favorite NSyncer: Aw, dammit. Why do people have to ask questions like this? Okay, hmm...what day is it? what phase of the moon? have I had any alcohol yet? Erm. It's just that I find them all lickable, which is only a few letters away from likable, but there's a world of difference between the two, isn't there? Because there are plenty of people I like, but wouldn't want to lick.

What? Going off on a tangent? Oh. Right. Question. Focus. Hm, I guess if I could only pick one, it would have to be Chris. Or maybe Joey. Or Chris. Or Lance. Or JC is awfully nice. Then again, Justin has those collarbones... dammit.

Other Fandoms: Buffy, Angel, XF in its glory days. And, um, Harry Potter.

If y'all think of any other questions, mail 'em on in to me.

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