>>CSI:NY/ He's a Marine with a yen for physics. She's a smartass with no patience. He's a nervous talker with a crush on his boss. They fight crime.

>>DISCLAIMER/ Not mine. All characters are the property of Anthony Zuiker, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS, and Alliance Atlantis. Stories contain, variously, bad language, sex, violence, same-sex yearning and consummation, and general adult themes.

The Starverse Series

Light From a Dead Star (Part One): Intersections of past and present and future, and two people trapped in the middle. Danny/Mac. NC-17. (Winner: Best Danny/Mac Story, CSI Fanfic Awards 2005.)

His hands, he tells himself, are not shaking, and there is a simple chain of cause-and-effect here, if only he can bring himself to see it.

Sunday Morning Coming Down (Part Two): Decisions are never as simple as they look from the outside. Danny/Mac. NC-17.

They say that Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads, and that suicides and murderers should be buried at crossroads.

Pretty Good Year (Part Three): Things fall apart. Danny/Mac. NC-17.

People fear heights not because they're afraid the ledge will suddenly crumble under their feet, but because they don't trust themselves not to take that one fatal and irrevocable step forward.

Boys of Summer (Part Four): Aftermath; trying to maintain. Danny/Mac. NC-17. (Also contains Danny/Flack, Mac/Rose and various others.)

And so here they are, she thinks, with a flash of bitterness: trapped and lying to each other.

The Coastalverse Series

The Coastal Shelf (Part One): Everyone is running from something, and Danny knows it. PG for language.

I was just thinking that I really don't know that much about you. Your background, that is.

Art Lessons (Part Two): Maybe Danny isn't the only one who's curious about things.

Hey, at least you never had to glue macaroni to a mimeograph of Mary and Joseph on a donkey.

Maintaining Equilibrium (Part Three): There's no caution in baseball.

He and Danny have become friends over the past few weeks.

Cherries in Bloom (Part Four): Intent is as important as execution.

There are cherry blossom petals over the dead woman's eyes and on her mouth.

All My Little Words (Part Five): Danny's not sure how to find the right words. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

It's time for them to put up or shut up, and that means that tonight is going to be all about seduction.

Other Mac/Danny Stories

The Fanfic100 Stories: 100 prompts, 100 stories. Various ratings. All Mac/Danny. An ongoing project. Updated November 21, 2006.

They accept the insanity defense in New York State, right?

Down on Mermaid Avenue: Ships trail sirens in their wake. Post-ep for "Live Or Let Die."

The wind is picking up, and it's like he could almost reach out and touch the rain right through the closed window, like the storm is going to come right into the room.

Atlantic City: Maybe everything that dies someday comes back. Post-ep for "Run Silent, Run Deep." NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He thinks that maybe that's where it all really started to go wrong: the night Louie shoved him away, the night he never got to go to Atlantic City.

By the Lights of Brooklyn: Danny and Mac attempt to find new ways to work out some of their trust issues. Post-S2; spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep." NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

How can you trust me to be in your bed when you can't trust me on the job?

Mac/Stella Stories

The Snow Queen: Even in the midst of a July heatwave, the blood can run cold. Spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep" through "Charge of This Post." Mac/Stella. NC-17.

She opens her mouth, half-expecting to see ice crystals forming on her tongue and teeth.

I Woke Up and One of Us Was Crying: I never knew that places around here had such beautiful names. Post-S2. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He gets as far as Tennessee before he's sidetracked for good.

Brilliant Disguise: You'd better look hard and look twice. Post-ep for "All Access," with brief reference to "Run Silent, Run Deep."

The porcelain is cold on her cheek, tiles beneath her knees so icy they could be covered in frost, the way they must feel in the morgue.

Down to the River: You need to hold on as long as you can. Post-ep for "Hush." Mac/Stella. R.

Salt seemed to work its way into everything during this case, traces of it on her skin and stinging her lips.

Other Pairings

Rotational Axis: A round of golf and a lot of booze all add up to big fun. Post-ep for "Necrophilia Americana." Danny/Flack.

Messer, that's crude even for you.

Live Through This: Mac and Flack have certain things in common now. Mac/Flack. Post-S2; spoilers for "Run Silent, Run Deep" through "Charge of This Post," but no spoilers for S3. Written for scarletts_awry.

After he and Flack leave Sullivan's, they go for a walk.

In the Moment: Flack tries to hold onto a moment. Stella/Flack. Set post-S2; spoilers for pretty much the entire latter half of the season, and for "All Access," "Stealing Home," and "Charge of This Post" in particular. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He would lift her hands to his mouth and kiss the scars if he didn't know it would earn him her fury in return.

Twist: Exposing your erotic secrets can be a conscious act of trust. Stella/Flack. Set during S3, but spoilers only through the end of S2. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

What makes you think I'm kinky in the first place? I'm a total straight arrow.

Everybody Else's Girl: Stella is trying her best to move on. Post-S2; spoilers for "All Access."

You are not who you were. Everything you know is wrong. Everyone knows but you.

Older Stories

Stupid Bar Tricks: Danny can suck like a Hoover. Danny/Mac UST. PG-13.

Conversations that begin like this generally end with wandering around the city at 2:00 a.m. trying to find a particular kind of pizza, or with trips to the Pink Pussycat in the Village to test out vibrators.

Gas Food Lodging: A good beer-buzz early in the morning: Stella and Danny and the interstate. Danny/Mac UST. PG-13.

Go to ATM. Go to car rental place. Get coffee. Find Holland Tunnel. Don't leave Danny's body where it'll be easy to find.

Momentum: Condemning the future to death so it can match the past. Danny/Mac UST; post-ep for "Tanglewood." R. (Winner: Best Tanglewood Story, CSI Fanfic Awards 2005.)

Skincrawling feeling of ink that he can't shake, little tendrils of hate and hurt snaking their way into his skin and heart, and he thinks that he can't ever, won't ever be able to, make this feeling go away.

The Ten-Cent Adventure: You and me, we don't believe in happy endings. What Stella thinks about all this. Mac/Stella friendship; post-ep for "ReCycling." PG-13.

And then it's September, and she finds out what she's been afraid of, and Jesus Christ, it is so much worse than she ever imagined at even her lowest moments.

The Only Living Boy in New York: Where the New York City winters aren't bleeding me: Mac believes in leaving the past behind. Mac/Stella friendship; companion piece to "The Ten-Cent Adventure." PG-13.

He also discovers that she's, bar none, the most confounding woman he's ever met.