The Fanfic100 Stories
by Stellaluna

Because I apparently have a poor sense of self-preservation, I decided to sign up for the Fanfic100 Challenge on LiveJournal. The deceptively simple premise: claim a fandom, along with a character or pairing, and then write 100 stories centering around that claim, each story inspired by one of the prompts provided. I requested CSI:NY and Mac/Danny.

I don't want to abuse my generously-given webspace, so I'm just going to provide the table of prompts and story descriptions, with links back to the stories on my LJ. I began this challenge on October 10, 2005, and I'm going to keep going until it's done. Please check back here for updates.

001Beginnings 002Middles 003Ends 004Insides 005Outsides
006Hours 007Days 008Weeks 009Months 010Years
011Red 012Orange 013Yellow 014Green 015Blue
016Purple 017Brown 018Black 019White 020Colourless
021Friends 022Enemies 023Lovers 024Family 025Strangers
026Teammates 027Parents 028Children 029Birth 030Death
031Sunrise 032Sunset 033Too Much 034Not Enough 035Sixth Sense
036Smell 037Sound 038Touch 039Taste 040Sight
041Shapes 042Triangle 043Square 044Circle 045Moon
046Star 047Heart 048Diamond 049Club 050Spade
051Water 052Fire 053Earth 054Air 055Spirit
056Breakfast 057Lunch 058Dinner 059Food 060Drink
061Winter 062Spring 063Summer 064Fall 065Passing
066Rain 067Snow 068Lightning 069Thunder 070Storm
071Broken 072Fixed 073Light 074Dark 075Shade
076Who? 077What? 078Where? 079When? 080Why?
081How? 082If 083And 084He 085She
086Choices 087Life 088School 089Work 090Home
091Birthday 092Christmas 093Thanksgiving 094Independence 095New Year
096Voyeur (Writer's Choice) 097Writer's Choice 098Writer's Choice 099Writer's Choice 100Writer's Choice

Tipping Point (Prompt 001: Beginnings): Sooner or later, certain things become inevitable. R for sexual content and language.

Danny kisses him with serious intent.

When Is a Door (Prompt 004: Insides): Danny knows when it's time to cut his losses. Post-ep for "Trapped"; spoilers for that episode as well as for "On the Job" and "What You See Is What You See," and the early part of S2. NC-17 for explicit sex and language

He sees in the medicine cabinet mirror that Mac is standing behind him.

Atlantic City (Prompt 007: Days): Maybe everything that dies someday comes back. Post-ep for "Run Silent, Run Deep." NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He thinks that maybe that's where it all really started to go wrong: the night Louie shoved him away, the night he never got to go to Atlantic City.

Haunted (Prompt 011: Red): I'm haunted by the lives that wove the web inside my haunted head. PG-13 for disturbing images.

There's a body, there's blood, and there's him with his kit.

Sorrow Three Times (Prompt 018: Black): Signs and portents, and how to interpret them. Sequel to "Nightcap". PG-13 for mild sexual content and language.

Not the same as Danny, no, but it's just as important, and if only he could figure out the word for one, maybe he'd be able to figure out the word for the other, too.

Cherries in Bloom (Prompt 019: White): Intent is as important as execution. Follows "Maintaining Equilibrium" and related stories. PG for language.

There are cherry blossom petals over the dead woman's eyes and on her mouth.

Maintaining Equilibrium (Prompt 021: Friends): There's no caution in baseball. Follows The Coastal Shelf and Art Lessons.

He and Danny have become friends over the past few weeks.

The Art of the Possible (Prompt 022: Enemies): Seduction can be a dangerous game. General S2 spoilers; this takes place sometime before "City of the Dolls." A sequel, of sorts, to "Fall from Grace". NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

Pink mouth against white skin against red leather.

All My Little Words (Prompt 023: Lovers): Danny's not sure how to find the right words. Follows "Cherries in Bloom" and related stories. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

It's time for them to put up or shut up, and that means that tonight is going to be all about seduction.

Good Enough (Prompt 026: Teammates): Stella just wants everyone to have nice things. General S2 spoilers and specific ones for "Trapped" and "Stuck on You." PG for language.

I'm not sure that you understand exactly what it is you're asking me to do here, Stella.

The Coastal Shelf (Prompt 027: Parents): Everyone is running from something, and Danny knows it. PG for language.

I was just thinking that I really don't know that much about you. Your background, that is.

Funeral Suit (Prompt 030: Death): Let the boys know that I died standing pat. Set during "Charge of This Post." Spoilers for that episode and for "Run Silent, Run Deep" and "Heroes." PG for language.

Never a time when this will get easier, or when he'll be able to let any of them go.

Place to Rest (Prompt 031: Sunrise): Mac keeps a promise to Danny. Sequel to "Atlantic City" and post-ep for "Run Silent, Run Deep"; this story takes place before "All Access."

He can't remember what Danny tastes like now.

Every Day a Little Death (Prompt 034: Not Enough): Every move and every breath (and you hardly feel a thing) brings a perfect little death. Mild general spoilers for S2. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He's even considered going to Confession, something he hasn't done in years, but he wouldn't know where to start.

Restraint (Prompt 038: Touch): Testing the limits. NC-17 for explicit sex and language. Includes light bondage.

So. What are we going to do with you?

Heat (Prompt 039: Taste): It's sex you're trading up for what you hope is love. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

He gets Mac backed up against the wall and then the first thing he does is loosen that damn tie of his.

A Game of You (Prompt 041: Shapes): You can be me when I'm gone. General S2 spoilers; this story is set prior to the episode "Trapped." R for explicit sex and language.

All that's left between him and Mac is the negative space, the absence of the thing rather than the thing itself.

Not Fade Away (Prompt 042: Triangle): Love and safety don't go together, and love has a wide reach. Sequel to Atlantic City and Place to Rest. Set after "All Access"; spoilers for that and for "Run Silent, Run Deep." PG for language and sexual content.

Mac doesn't flinch away, not then and not when Danny steps even closer and wraps his arms around Mac's waist.

Christmastime in the City (Prompt 046: Star): It's Christmastime in New York City, and Danny is attempting to celebrate. PG for inexplicit sexual content and brief language. Birthday!fic for cim.

Danny, your hands are cold.

Today's Grey Skies (Prompt 052: Fire): Tomorrow is tears; you'll have to wait 'till yesterday is here. Set during "Run Silent, Run Deep." PG for implied sex.

The first puff takes him back in an instant.

Summer Out of Reach (Prompt 060: Drink): Danny believes in the value of experimentation. Set post-S2; general spoilers for the entire season.

I don't play the fiddle, he says seriously.

Long Way Down (Prompt 063: Summer): A July heatwave, a broken air conditioner, and an ill-timed bout of nostalgia all add up to Danny finding himself in sore need of some distraction. NC-17 for explicit sex and language.

Danny pulls his shirt away from his stomach and wishes for December.

Down on Mermaid Avenue (Prompt 066: Rain): Ships trail sirens in their wake. Post-ep for "Live Or Let Die." R for semi-explicit sex and language.

The wind is picking up, and it's like he could almost reach out and touch the rain right through the closed window, like the storm is going to come right into the room.

Fall from Grace (Prompt 071: Broken): The worst part is surviving. Set during "Corporate Warriors"; general S2 spoilers. PG-13 for language and sexual references.

Still and all, no matter how smart Stella is, or how sensitive she might be, she doesn't know the whole story, and she's just flat-out wrong about him and Mac being anything at all alike.

Shift (Prompt 079: When?): Asking the important questions. R for sexual content and language.

Little slow on the uptake there, Messer.

Aftermath (Prompt 087: Life): In the aftermath, there are no right words. Post-ep for "Charge of This Post." Spoilers for that episode, with vague reference to "Heroes."

Danny's agitated voice goes soft on the last few words, dangerously so.

Art Lessons (Prompt 088: School): Maybe Danny isn't the only one who's curious about things. Sequel to "The Coastal Shelf".

Hey, at least you never had to glue macaroni to a mimeograph of Mary and Joseph on a donkey.

Merry Gentlemen (Prompt 092: Christmas): Good tidings of comfort and joy; let nothing you dismay. PG for inexplicit sexual references and brief language.

When Mac looks directly at him, when he talks to him, there's something in his gaze and in his voice that was never there before, something that no one but Danny notices.

On New Year's Day (Prompt 095: New Year): Nothing changes on New Year's Day. R for explicit sex and language.

I just thought maybe we should talk.