stories by [Betty Plotnick]


What's the deal with this pop life, and when is it going to fade out?

Stories about Sparkly Dancing Boys and other famous people, set in the allegedly real world of swimming pools, movie stars, and Total Request Live. Nevertheless, the stories are all fiction, and as far as I know do not reflect the real lives of any of these people in any way.


NEW! - [Fire and Rain]
Always thought that I would see you, baby, one more time again.

NEW! - [Sugar Rush]
(baby lambs)
Want some candy, little boy?

NEW! - [Mercy]
All they have left are these songs.

NEW! - [Bide]
Standing on your momma's porch, I told you that I'd wait forever.

[Be Your Own Best Friend]
Get by with a little help from your friends.

All that glitters.

[Understood (the Fall and Fear Not Remix)]
The remix of Tomilee's "Understood".

[All the Small Things]
God in the details

[The Night Before the Morning After]
It begins with a string of endings.

[Red Hot Cool]
Wait for it.

You think you know, but you have no idea.

[White Knight]
(Timbertrick drabble)
This isn't Jerry Springer, you know.

(lotrips, Elijah Wood/Viggo Mortensen)
You're eighteen, but you feel older.


Interconnected stories in a very complicated little reality. Everybody but JC gets laid a lot, and Wade Robson and Nick Carter guest star. They get laid too. But not JC. See, I can't do a serious summary here, because actually, I just like this series too much. It would be awfully dorky if I told you, you know, how much it meant to me and that it helped me get through some things I didn't know how I was gonna get through, etc. So I'll just tell you, there's some sex and some comedy and some pining and just generally something for everybody.

CALENDAR BOY (the Timbertrick stories):

prologue - [King of Diamonds]
Justin grows into his bling.

[Lili Marlene]
Justin lacks those childbearing hips.

[Dia de los Muertos]
Chris has never lied to her, not once.

High profile, high maintenance.

[Losing My Religion]
Everything that can be lost, will be eventually.

[Live Through This]
You don't get over it. You get through it.

CHINA DOLL (the Lance and Joey stories)

prologue - [Margaritaville]
Wasting away, coming home.

Sublimated attraction, blah blah blah. (Lance/Wade)

[Mexican Moon]
Whoring around in Mexico, in the sweetest possible way.

[Mr. Fabulous]
The most stressful rebound fling in history.

ONE TRUE (the Justin and Lance stories):

prologue - [Nightingale]
Justin fucking Timberlake.

The last man standing.