Pimpin' Out My Little Whores: Emmy's N-slash recommendations

First off, go to the link-o-rama. I started here, and didn't believe that there was such a creature as bad puppy slash.

These are some of my personal favourites, and there's lotsa other goodies. Go, and read, and take with you the knowledge that even if you're reading really really bad N-slash, it still has the prettiest boys in the world in it.

Just a disclaimer. As someone who's rarely linked and/or rec'd, I must qualify this as being constantly in flux. Odds are that i just haven't worked my way through the typing if I've read you. So, please, no one be hurt, if indeed my rec'ing or not rec'ing can hurt you.

Everybody's Boy by Willa. Short, but lovely. I *heart* her Chris.

Rhys is one of my absolute favourites. I've hooked two people who didn't get puppy slash with her fics. Try Slimfast and Flame to see why. Hell. Just read everything on Experiment V.

Wax rocks. It's hard to pick one or two things to rec, but these are the ones I reread. No Such Thing and Dry Cleaning. Go to Shame Is Good For You and internalize the motto.

While you're there, read Butter by BadBatz. Lovely little Lambie!fic. Oh yeah, and it's hot as hell too.

Dacey's Line of Defense fic makes me want to talk to NSYNC's bodyguards. Simple and profound and sweet.

Puppies in a Box is one of the happiest places on earth. First off, there's On the Bus 1-38 by Synchronik, which is probably one of the best pimpdom tools. See, you just say "Hey, if you're not sure, how about checking out these cute little short stories. It'll give you an idea about characterization and stuff." Then when they stagger back to you, all unslept and googly, you haul out the rest. Then you make them read simply everything on this page.

If you're like me you've got a few favourites.

I like Nik's This Side of the Pecos because it made me squirm and laugh all at once and Somnambulist because the JoLa is hot as hell, and really, sleepwalking Lance is just so adorable that he should be illegal.

I like Sinead's Videotape because it gutpunched me. Short and so bittersweet I had tears in my eyes.

I like Cecilia's Sushi because it's got lovely characterization and beautiful word choice and I just simply adore it.

I like Helen's Sweatshirt because it feels real. And yeah, I reread The Way You Do It because it makes me gasp and shiver and she's a genius. Gah, for I am inarticulate girl.

Lesa Soja writes a kickass Lance. I'm just gonna link Smile On My Brother and point you toward Experience, Innocence and Myself, a Lance based series. For yes, you should read it, because, yes.

Melvira's Map of the World is JoLa like it should be. It's sweet and sad and lovely and I stayed up at least 2 hours past my bedtime reading it.

Shift by Elina is one of my favourite introspection pieces. Lovely. So real, I can almost taste it.

Lucy writes lots of AUs, which I've heard are pretty awesome. I mostly reread What You Deserve. It's Chris angst, beware. But so lovely, and it ends up just the way I wanted it to.

Allen Sama wrote this lovely, lovely piece of Phantom Menace flavoured fluff. Chris as Yoda. Need I say anymore? A Bad Feeling About This.

Jae W has some lovely lovely fic. My personal favourite of hers is Birthday. Timbertrick, hot Chris and hotter smut. Words fail me. Also check out Coldhearted for an amazing bsb crossover fic. Exquisite!

One of my constant IRC recommendations is Nynaeve's By The N's. It's got a lovely JC and Lance, laugh out loud Chris, and a kickass OC.

Next up... Temporary Insanity, where Julad, Calico and Nemo live. My favourites are:

Julad's Murder, which is in five parts. It's fun, and the characterization is really really good. I just... like it!

Calico's Punchline hits all my s/m buttons. It's quite subtle and I love the, uh, punchline. And her Toasted is the fic that made me love Chris and timbertrick. Hot! Dominant! Chris! Wheee!

Nemo's Milk has Lance as a cat. Funny and wistful all at once.

I tease Silvia that she's all abstract. She is. She always makes me think and smile and all that stuff. I really really like Necessary because it's beautifully done Hurt/Comfort fic. And The Morning After is Joey/Justin that's funny and slick and sly.

Lucyfur, not to be confused with Lucy Hale, has some truly amazing fic, all manners of crossovers, and she's truly prolific. But! My all time favourite is Grabs wherein Lance is very very hot, and everyone wishes to boink him. I can wrap my mind around that concept v. easily.

Pet and Tink write some amazingly textured, lovely fic. They also use frames. And I can't figure them out. So. Bury Me Deep lives here. Read Pet's Break, because it's heartbreaking and then cruise on over to Tink's Catharsis because it always makes me feel better. Hurting JC doesn't get any better.

Check out Kaelie's Unblinded for funny, snarky JC. Her JC isn't a kitten. Her Justin *is* funny and adorable. I muchly love her.

I'm running out of ways to say "Check this out." and "Boy that's swell." Again, far from finished. Come back... there'll be more. Promise.