This is the part where I tell you all about me.

Guess what. I'm not going to. I have absolutely no interest in hearing about how what I'm doing is wrong. I'm not here to win friends and influence people.

I think NSYNC are a lovely group. I'm sure that you want to hear that I'm some teeny, with no real life; that I'm defacing your boys because I'm stupid. I'm not. I've got a life, lots of degrees, and no money.

I'm also not writing this because I've suddenly lost my mind. I enjoy it. They amuse me. I'm easily amused.

I'm very friendly. But I'm hiding here, because PuppySlash isn't welcome in the other sections of my online fandom world. So, you're welcome to email me or drop me an AIM at Xandersgirlie, and I'll be more than willing to tell you anything you wanna know, or squee about cute, dancing boys.