The name springs from a fandom debate that I'm not going to get into wherein NSYNC were called whores. Presumably because they're a "prefabricated boy band". Regardless of the veracity of that claim, the notion tickled my fancy, because I believe thatI've put enough money into them to get at least a lap dance from Chris. I'd be willing to chip more money in, if they'd just hand over the price list.

Where do I sign up, please?

This site involves lovely boys doing things that I wish I could pay money to see. I do not know, nor do I profess to know NSYNC. I pretty much have myself convinced that I don't want to. Consider yourself warned, and consider my ass disclaimed.


Thanks to everyone who've helped to reclaim the songfic. Each one of you made this project possible. Special thanks to Jae, Allen Sama, aMuse, Rhys, Heidi and Kyla for writing two.

Huge thanks to aMuse for graphics and love. To Jodi for coding and handholding. To Glassapple for what Rhys called one HELL of a sexy page. To those who calmed me, those who gave so unselfishly, I owe you the hugest thank you of all time.