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Site is under major reconstruction. Please check back soon!

Welcome to Bury Me Deep. Nope, it's not an interment site, or a how-to guide to gardening. Instead, it's a showcase of my shame.

This is my fanfiction site, dedicated to slash fiction. Real Person Slash, fictional person slash, the works. Eventually this will hold my fanfiction from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pop fandom, Supernatural fandom, CSI, and the random others where I've dabbled now and then. I figure, if I stick my head far enough down into the sand, no one can see me blush.

Now, to the messy legal stuff. The fiction here is slash, which means that it has homoerotic elements, both explicit and implied. Furthermore, some of it is slash about real people, which is a big no-no for some (and which I'm not even going to bother apologizing for here. It doesn't bug me. If it bugs you, please don't read it). This site is ADULT in nature. So if you're not 18, or the age of majority wherever you are, PLEASE go somewhere else. If you continue on to the fiction, you are stating age of majority and consent with this warning by your actions, and I take no responsibility for any adverse reaction you might have to the subject matter.


Also, I do not know any of the creators or people involved in these fandoms, and these works of fiction are not meant to be taken as truth or reality. FICTION. I don't know them and I probably never will. I made it all up.

If slash tickles your fancy, then please read on. And if you like what you read, let me know!