stories by [Betty Plotnick]



A series of post-episode stories. More pre-slash than you can shake a stick at. Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, et al, are the property of Pet Fly, and are used here, as you might have expected, without permission and for no profit.

[Cuts Deep]
The one where Blair gets serious.
episode: The Killers, instinctive behavior: Resting

[Demolition Woman]
The one where Blair makes breakfast.
episode: The Debt, instinctive behavior: Feeding

[Penalty Box]
The one where it's not Blair's fault.
episode: Cypher, instinctive behavior: Grooming

[White Elephant]
The one where Blair shops for archaeological purposes.
episode: Love and Guns, instinctive behavior: Hunting & Gathering

The one where Blair didn't really get lost.
episode: Flight, instinctive behavior: Exploring

[Honey Dew]
The one where Jim runs a bunch of errands.
episode: The Rig, instinctive behavior: Homing

[Feng Shui]
The one where Naomi visits.
episode: Spare Parts, instinctive behavior: Nesting

[Signal to Noise]
The one where they finally get to that strip club.
episode: Second Chance, instinctive behavior: Socializing

[Once Upon]
The one where Blair has lucid dreams. And is still serious.
episode: Sleeping Beauty, instinctive behavior: Communicating

[Dynamic Duo]
The one where Blair is still not a shaman. And makes more breakfast.
episode: Warriors, instinctive behavior: Establishing Dominance

The one where Blair gets out of the hospital. And it's not his fault this time, either.
episode: Sentinel Too, instinctive behavior: Protecting

[Blow Pop]
The one where Blair is sort of jealous, but not. And Jim shops for archaeologist purposes.
episode: Sentinel Too Part Two, instinctive behavior: Courting