stories by [Betty Plotnick]


Would you be so into me, if I wasn't a celebrity?

Stories where I do vastly unbelievable things to perfectly nice boys and girls. In a fandom full of time jumps, shape-shifts, body switches, genderfucks, parallel dimensions, post-apocalypses, urban fantasy, and magical realism, these are my tame-by-comparison additions to the alternate universe genre. Obviously, all the same disclaimers apply, and then some -- fiction only, not meant to imply anything about the real people on whom these characters are based.

NEW! - [Nightshift]
Follow my father's trade.

[Nick Carter/Wipeout]
RPS/FPS crossover, Emerald Cove
a hard-luck story


I end up writing a lot of things because my roommate Mary dares me to try it, and this is one of those things. It's somewhat Oz-inspired, since I'm a huge fan of that show, but it's not a crossover in any real sense. Just a world where everything that could go wrong did.

1. [The Bitch]


you're being way too mammalian about this

one: [clutch].
NEW! - two: [incubate].
NEW! - three: [hatch].
NEW! - four: [nest].


I really wanted to know what the Biggest Group in the World would be like if it were a girlband instead, so I ended up writing it. The boys are major secondary characters, particularly JC, Justin, and Lance, and ultimately I'd like to do a whole parallel history, all the way back to Germany and before.

[Valley of the Shadow], (May, 2002)
Britney's not good at going places by herself yet.

[Fields of Gold], (February, 2002)
All little girls love figure skating.

[Auld Acquaintance], (New Year's Eve, 2002)
Playboys don't get their hearts broken, JC is fairly sure.

[Seasonal Delights], (December, 2001)
An intimate holiday special. The script is a little off.

[Love or Money], (October, 2001)
The only 9/11 story I ever expect to write.

[MVP], (October, 2001)
Everybody knows who the real star is.

[Dark Horse], (September, 2001)
Long odds, high risk. (JC/Eminem)